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School of Motion Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

To commemorate the 75th episode of the world's number-one motion design podcast, we speak with none other than Bradley G. Munkowitz, popularly known as GMUNK, a prolific Berkley-based director, designer and artist who's worked not only in motion design and animation, but also in graphic design, UI/UX, experiential design, live action direction, installation art, robotics, projection mapping, LED, and more.

In his conversation with our podcast host (and founder and CEO) Joey Korenman, the genius GMUNK discusses the tempestuous world of commercial direction, his experimentations with psymunk (psychedelic art), inframunk (infrared photography) and other art forms, his use of hallucinogens, why and when he may move to Europe with his family, the key characteristics necessary for long-term success, and much more.