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School of Motion Podcast

Jul 10, 2024

In this week's School of Motion Podcast, Joey sits down with our very own Aharon Rabinowitz, who looks back on his journey into the world of motion graphics and animation — and the potential future ahead. Check out the corresponding blog post here:

Jun 26, 2024

We were stoked to have design trailblazer and animator Beeple join us on the SOM podcast. He shares insights on the NFT boom, how AI augments artistic work, and offers valuable advice for up-and-coming designers. Check out the corresponding blog post here:

Jun 11, 2024

Discover how designer and art director Marcos Vaz masters client collaboration and creative problem-solving. Check out the corresponding blog post:

May 24, 2024

Creative legend John LePore joins us on the podcast! Join us as we dive deep into current and future trends in motion and design.

If you're not familiar with the name John LePore, you're almost certainly familiar with his work. John has made creative contributions to Marvel Studios' Black Panther, the Hummer EV,...

May 15, 2024

Oscar Mar joins us on the School of Motion Podcast, where he shares his journey from designer to founder, blending business savvy with creative exploration in sci-fi entertainment. See the full blog post here: