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School of Motion Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

Dive deep into the future of visual effects with Divesh Naidoo, the founder and CEO of Simulon, in this fascinating episode. Discover the groundbreaking app that's making high-end visual effects accessible to anyone, anywhere. Learn about Divesh's journey of building a startup in South Africa, and hear his unique insights on the challenges and rewards of this process. From the nitty-gritty of software development to the broader vision for the VFX industry, this conversation is a must-listen for tech enthusiasts, creatives, and startup dreamers alike. Tune in and get ready to have your mind blown!

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Show Notes:

Divesh on X / Twitter

Simulon Beta Signup

Wonder Dynamics Wonder Studio

3D Scan Store

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)

Dondoo Studios



Infinite Reality