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School of Motion Podcast

Sep 20, 2017

It seems like just about everyone’s job is threatened by automation, but what if automation is the secret to getting more MoGraph work out into the world? What if you could edit an entire After Effects composition from a spreadsheet? Then even if you’re an accountant you could get amazing MoGraph sequences in only a matter of minutes. Sounds pretty cool right?
Our next podcast guest has done just that with a sweet company called MoShare. MoShare is the pet-project of Fraser Davidson a founder of the incredible Cub Studio. Fraser’s experience working with sports clients led him to seize an opportunity in the Motion Design market. As a result he is able to steady out his studio's income between projects.
Along the way Fraser talks about the modern realities of running a studio and talks about his background in the industry. It’s going to leave you inspired and ready to start your own side projects.