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School of Motion Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

2022 may be remembered as the year things got back to “normal,” but also as a year of big changes, and our industry is no exception. The economy was booming, but now may be stalling. The rapid development of AI tools makes our jobs ever easier, but also might be stealing them away. In-person work and events have returned, but are people ready to show up? New tools are making serious in-roads against the established giants. Freelance rates had been booming for the past couple years, but a flood of tech layoffs may shake everything up. 

School of Motion’s fearless founder Joey Korenman is joined by Creative Directors EJ Hassenfratz and Kyle Hamrick, former SOM Creative Director Ryan Summers, and an all-star lineup of studio owners and industry experts for their hottest takes on this year’s burning questions, including “can we even define what motion design is anymore?”. 

In addition to our regular podcast format, this year we also made this multi-hour odyssey into a video, so you can see the work, tools and events as they’re being discussed. So get comfy and prepare your ears for a full recap on all things mograph for 2022.