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School of Motion Podcast

Jan 8, 2019

Joel Pilger started his own studio, Impossible Pictures, in 1994 and wore many, many hats over the years. 20 years later he sold the studio, and then found himself at a crossroads, not sure what to do next. And then, he found his current calling which, in our opinion, suits him PERFECTLY. He's currently a consultant and partner at RevThink a consultancy for creative entrepreneurs including owners of Motion Design studios. His day-to-day involves helping studio and agency owners figure out how to grow their business, how to position themselves in the market, how to handle operations and finances, and all of the business lessons he learned in two decades of running a successful studio. He also runs a Jumpstart Accelerator for owners who need some help getting things past the painful startup phase, and you can find out about that and all the other cool things they do over there at