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School of Motion Podcast

Apr 5, 2017

Think back to the last time you cut a reel...

It probably went something like this. You sat in front of the computer, picked out that perfect track of music, found all of your projects, brought them into After Effects, and then you had to make a TON of decisions....

What shot do I chose? When do I cut? Is there a better shot for this? Did I cut that too soon? What beat of the music do I cut on? Is that shot too long? Does that shot look good next to that other one? Is that shot too slow?

There's no expression or plugin to help you cut a good reel. You need to learn how to...
Think like an Editor.

We've got a new Podcast episode ready for your ears featuring Mike Radtke, the Editor Extraordinaire from Digital Kitchen. This time Joey plays devils advocate to really dig into why we need editors in our industry, why MoGraphers don't do both jobs, and what a MoGrapher can learn from the editing world to get better at their own craft.

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