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School of Motion Podcast

Mar 1, 2017

New Zealand-based 3D Artist extraordinaire Rich Nosworthy is about as humble a guy as you'll ever meet. He single-handedly makes some of the coolest photorealistic 3D animations you've ever seen, and still finds time to be pestered with all kinds of questions from people who want to discover his secrets to killer work.

If you haven't already seen this... take a minute to check out this great piece he just released to promote the 99 Frames Competition.

In this interview, Joey asks Rich to take him from-start-to-finish through the entire process of making this piece. They get deep into modeling techniques, texturing strategies, VRay specifics... it gets geeky fast and it stays there.

Find out more about the 99 Frames competition as well as all of the resources we talk about in this interview by looking below at the Show Notes section.